The advent of the eVTOL aircraft and the urban and advanced air mobility (UAM/AAM) market is redefining local air transportation. Fully realized, these vehicles will dramatically change how we move in urban areas and beyond. Advanced air mobility poses unique engineering challenges and pushes the limits of technology and innovation. The market demands lightweight yet extraordinarily strong materials, high-efficiency batteries, hybrid and electric engines, and advanced communication and autonomous flight systems. These requirements call for fresh approaches to manufacturing that reduce weight, increase strength, and allow for affordable development and mass production.

Toray meets these challenges. Automobile and aerospace manufacturers have long partnered with Toray to solve engineering challenges with our high-quality products that meet stringent strength, weight, and safety requirements and support high-volume manufacturing demands. Our experience in carbon fiber composites, fibers, textiles, plastics, films, and electronic and information materials allows us to work with you to develop successful and affordable solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible today. Let us be your source of inspiration and knowledge as you research product applications for this emerging market.


Our Products

Toray’s product portfolio includes a wide range of materials and components optimized to suit the unique needs of UAM/AAM applications.