Jan. 19, 2022

Toray Group to Present at the 9th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium in San Jose

Morgan Hill, California, January 19, 2021— The Toray Group will be exhibiting and presenting at the Vertical Flight Society’s 9th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium in San Jose, California on January 25 - 27. The event invites leaders from various eVTOL segments to discuss the emerging aeromechanics challenges and solutions for future VTOL aircraft, encompassing dynamics, aerodynamics, acoustics, and flight mechanics. This hybrid event includes three in-person tracks that will also be live-streamed to remote attendees.

Toray is set to present on Wednesday, January 26, at 1:30 pm PST on “Advanced Composites for Vertical Lift”. Speakers Jeff Cross, Director of Business Development Aerospace, and Stacy Biel, UAM & DoD Segment Manager, will expand on the success of Toray’s thermoset and thermoplastic resin and carbon fiber technology in enabling advancements in space exploration missions and vertical lift applications, and how this technology benefits emerging UAM systems.

The discussion will include Toray materials’ use on the Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, the first extra-terrestrial self-propelled aerodynamic vehicle, and other vertical lift projects with several UAM airframe leaders.

Toray’s heritage in vertical lift application has enabled many to take to the air as a proven material partner from prototype to high rate production. To register for in-person or virtual attendance for the event, please visit vtol.org/events/2022-transformative-vertical-flight.